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We've never been more connected, yet more isolated.

We want to change that. The 100 Coffee Movement is on a mission to shape a new culture of meeting people. We host events that aim to create a genuine connection of members in our community.

The Sky's The Limit

Changing the world, one coffee at a time.

100 Coffee Movement aims to address the prevalent issue in society around disconnection.

Initially starting in local communities and aiming to educate people on establishing a framework in their lives for interconnectedness, we aim to facilitate healthy human connection.

Bringing people together

How do we do it?


Aiming to educate people on establishing a framework in their lives for interconnectedness, our goal is to facilitate the bringing-together of community members, advertising in various social spaces.


The health concerns associated with loneliness and social isolation are not well-known and have stigma associated. Our team is looking to tackle this problem by increasing it’s awareness and promoting the health and social benefits of community-focus.


Inspired by Chris Hope's 100 Coffee story, we believe there is a great deal of knowing yourself better by knowing others, hear others’ stories, perspective and point of view and form a real connection to yourself and to other individuals.

Working Together

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Our community also include some fantastic companies that we enjoy partnering with.

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