the 100 coffee movement

Building connections, one cup at a time

We've never been more connected, yet more isolated.

We want to change that. 

The 100 Coffee Movement exists to help people, organisations and communities build healthy connections. Inspired from Chris Hope’s 100 Coffee Project, we’re here to make a genuine impact and create real outcomes.


Our Mission

At the core of the 100 Coffee Movement is a simple yet powerful mission – to bring people together and foster meaningful connections, however they do that. In a world that often feels disconnected, we believe that taking the time to sit down, share stories and engage in genuine conversations can have a profound impact on individuals and communities alike.

Our ultimate goal is to create a global culture where everyone feels valued, understood and connected.

Our Approach

At 100 Coffee Movement, we firmly believe in the extraordinary power of something as seemingly simple as a cup of coffee. Our approach centers around creating events and experiences that provide individuals with the opportunity to engage in authentic conversations.

By organising gatherings that encourage people to share their thoughts, experiences, and aspirations, we create a space where connections naturally form. These connections extend beyond the event itself, weaving a tapestry of relationships that help combat loneliness and create a sense of belonging.

Creating Meaningful Gatherings

At the heart of the 100 Coffee Movement is our commitment to organising events that facilitate authentic connections. These gatherings serve as safe spaces where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together, share their stories, and engage in meaningful conversations.

By curating an environment that encourages openness and vulnerability, we lay the foundation for building genuine relationships that extend far beyond the event itself.

Fostering Dialogue and Exchange

We believe that every voice deserves to be heard. Our approach emphasises the importance of active listening and respectful discourse. During our events, participants are encouraged to engage in thought-provoking discussions, exchange perspectives, and explore shared experiences.

By fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, we create opportunities for personal growth and the establishment of lasting connections.

Cultivating Empathy and Connection

Empathy is a cornerstone of the 100 Coffee Movement. We believe that by stepping into someone else's shoes and truly understanding their feelings and experiences, we can create bonds that transcend superficial interactions.

Through guided activities and thoughtfully designed icebreakers, we encourage attendees to embrace empathy and connect on a deeper level. These interactions plant the seeds of compassion, enabling individuals to forge connections based on shared emotions and genuine care.

Extending the Ripple Effect

Our approach doesn't end with the conclusion of an event; rather, it continues to reverberate through the lives of those who participate. We strive to create a ripple effect of connection and compassion that extends far beyond the coffee table.

Attendees are encouraged to carry the spirit of the 100 Coffee Movement into their daily lives, initiating conversations, reaching out to others, and forming new bonds. By fostering a sense of responsibility for nurturing connections, we ensure that the impact of our movement extends into communities and resonates on a global scale.

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The importance of human connection

Human connection is essential for our well-being and happiness. Let’s make a choice to put ourselves out there, to be vulnerable, and to build meaningful relationships with the people around us.

Chris Hope’s quest for connection

In December 2016, a simple idea to rediscover the power of human connection became a life-changing experience for Chris Hope. Feeling lost and disconnected from his values, Chris embarked on a journey that would ultimately give birth to the 100 Coffee Movement.